After watching Interstellar movie in the end all the audience in the theatre were upon their feet clapping, whistling loudly and discussing each other about how the Theory of space science and graphics were combined together to shoot  such a beautiful film. After coming home i thought of watching the ‘making of the movie’ but i found nothing and after waiting for  months later comes the videos of underground work of the movie, after watching those videos my perceptions for the movie were completely wrong and i bet you all will accept my words after watching these innovative videos of Interstellar “Behind the Scenes”.

Let’s get ready to watch them

1)This video of is amalgam of the both Graphics and Real.

2)You just say that what kind of man is the one playing piano with his……


3)The Real BLACK HOLE view by KIP THORNE and his team.


4)After watching this you just say that”OHHH this what actually happend behind the MILLER planet Scene”.


5)What CHRISTOPHER NOLAN has said will inspire you to have a creative mind.

6)After watching this video you say “What the F*** is TARS is real “??



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India is ‘MODI’fied

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A major step towards India’s bright future.


He is talented, he has faced a lot seen a lot and knows what hardship is. He didn’t go to big schools or had a lavish lifestyle. He didn’t wear classy clothes or had a good family background. He sold tea on a railway station. And today he’s the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Damodardas Modi the guy who won the 2014 Elections in India after overthrowing the great Gandhi party and bringing a new hope in people of India. People have seen what he did in Gujarat and they know what is he capable of, but with great power comes great responsibility which he knows how to handle it in a better way.





Lately Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his campaign Make in India urging foreign companies to invest in India. The initiative has been launched to boost the economy of the country by inviting global companies to invest in the Indian market. The NDA government has eased the foreign direct investment cap in several areas like construction, defence and the railways. It gives the international manufacturing and business companies easy access to the Indian market, which will automatically create job opportunities and improve the financial condition of India.




Why MAKE IN INDIA? Well we will explain to you in some steps and quotations given by Mr.Modi.


1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi first mentioned the words  ’Make in India’ during his maiden speech as PM on August 15, 2014, which is India’s Independence Day. “I tell the world, ‘Make in India’. Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and talent for it,” said Narendra Modi.



2) While inviting world-class companies to India, Narendra Modi also requested Indian manufacturers not to leave the country. “This nation is yours. There is no need to leave the nation. We want our companies to shine as multi-national companies,” Modi said



3) Talking about creating job opportunities through the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Narendra Modi said that we have to create opportunities of employment. If the poor have jobs, the purchasing power of families will increase. “We have to increase manufacturing and at the same time ensure that the benefits reach the youth of our nation,” said the Prime Minister.



Responses from the world :

1) In January 2015, the Spice Group said it would start a mobile phone manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh with an investment of ₹500 crore. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Spice Group and the Government of Uttar Pradesh.


2) In January 2015, HyunChil Hong, the President & CEO of Samsung South West Asia, met with Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), to discuss a joint initiative under which 10 “MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will established in India. In February, Samsung said that will manufacture the Samsung Z1 in its plant in Noida.


3) In February 2015, Hitachi said it was committed to the initiative. It said that it would increase its employees in India from 10,000 to 13,000 and it would try to increase its revenues from India from ¥100 billion in 2013 to ¥210 billion. It said that an auto-component plant will be set up in Chennai in 2016.


4) In February 2015, Huawei opened a new research and development (R&D) campus in Bengaluru. It had invested US$170 million to establish the research and development center.


5) India will get Uranium from Canadian company to the second half of 2015. Both Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and Canadian company Cameco has signed on a contract to supply of Uranium to India for generation of electricity.


6) More than 20 deals signed with France!



and more will happen soon,
Believe in him, India soon will be ‘MODI’fied.



The Forest man of India

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Jadav molai payeng” the man from Assam which is one of the state in north east India Where the people live close to natural beauty of earth has build a gigantic forest of 1200 hectares on a sandbar of river Brahmaputra from 30 years and now the forest is home for  many Bengal tigers,Elephants and rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Government of India has Honored him with Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian Award in India. Later he was termed as “The Forest man of India”.

Watch this video to know more about him:

I wanna bet you that you will get inspired by this video.


No one is born Racist!

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Racism is something which has its roots in all the religions and communities! We all know that we all are same. We all are equal. Then why this hate, why this discrimination? Why? Why?

I happen to see this poem on a website where a young guy wrote ’bout his experience which he felt in Australia where he was bullied and was cursed for nothing but just coz he was Asian and they were Aussies. This racial act made him to write this poem and this explains everything. Do read this poem and got something to say then do comment on this post.




Oh god! I cannot bear this long,

I haven’t been waiting for this all along,

Please just don’t be spectators,

Here we all are the sufferers.



Why all this racism? Why all this hate?

Who has taught them to discriminate?

We are not Aussies nor are we British,

We are Indians, we restore peace, Yes, with ease.



We have crossed our limit of tolerance,

But have we crossed our limit of renounce?

Only we need is reassurance,

Help god help!!



We are proud to be Indian,

But why only we are in this situation?

Are we so inferior or so untouchable?

That’s why they feel us so suitable.



Discrimination is not the word to give,

Equality is the word to live,

Love is always that we need,

To regain the world with speed.



Who is Julian Assange?

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 When he whistles, the whole world listens to him!

To his supporters, Julian Assange is a valiant campaigner for truth. To his critics, he is a publicity-seeker who has endangered lives by putting a mass of sensitive information into the public domain. He has never been anonymous, he has worked and stayed as a civilian and never exposed where and with whom he worked. He’s always been a mysterious man with enormous ideas to free the world from anarchy. According to him, he’s not inspired by anarchy, but rather anti-Stalinist. He got into news when he exposed some confidential documents and exposed the people in the particular crime on this website “WIKILEAKS”. Assange began work on Wikileaks, a Web site intended to collect and share confidential information on an international scale. The information his organization released earned him strong supporters and powerful enemies. For his efforts, the internet activist earned the Time magazine “Person of the Year” title in 2010. After arriving at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in June 2012, seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden, Assange was granted political asylum by the Ecuadorean government in August 2012.


After all this information I hope you would be having a clear idea about who Assange is actually!

Early life:-

Journalist, computer programmer and activist Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Assange had an unusual childhood, as he spent some of his early years traveling around with his mother, Christine, and his stepfather, Brett Assange. The couple worked together to put on theatrical productions. Brett Assange later described Julian as a “sharp kid who always fought for the underdog.”

The relationship between Brett and Christine later soured, but Assange and his mother continued to live a transient lifestyle. With all of the moving around, Assange ended up attending roughly 37 different schools growing up, and was frequently home schooled.

Founding of Wikileaks:


Assange discovered his passion for computers as a teenager. At the age of 16, he got his first computer as a gift from his mother. Before long, he developed a talent for hacking into computer systems. His 1991 break-in to the master terminal for Nortel, a telecommunications company, got him in trouble. Assange was charged with more than 30 counts of hacking in Australia, but he got off the hook with only a fine for damages.

Assange continued to pursue a career as a computer programmer and software developer. An intelligent mind, he studied mathematics at the University of Melbourne. He dropped out without finishing his degree, later claiming that he left the University for Moral Reasons; Assange objected to other students working on computer projects for the military.

In 2006, Assange began work on Wikileaks, a Web site intended to collect and share confidential information on an international scale. The site officially launched in 2007 and it was run out of Sweden at the time because of the country’s strong laws protecting a person’s anonymity. Later that year, Wikileaks released a U.S. military manual that provided detailed information on the Guantanamo detention center. Wikileaks also shared emails from then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin that it received from an anonymous source in September 2008.

Major leaks:

  1. Sarah Palin Emails Hacked

  2. The Apache helicopter Shooting in Iraq

  3. Guantanamo Bay procedures

  4. Cablegate

  5. War logs

  6. 9/11 Pager data

  7. BNP membership list

  8. The Pentagon Papers 1971

  9. Valarie Plame

For further reference instead of watching a documentary on Assange, watch the movie “THE FIFTH ESTATE”.

Source images.


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At JUST A Click


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The root of everything!

Watch out

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‘coz there’s a big world to face ahead


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A cleaner road to success!

Read books

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‘coz Knowledge is power!